Why OneTime HR?

Tailored Experience

Customize OneTime HR to match your preferences and unique business requirements. Enjoy a tailored user experience that aligns with your workflow.


Ensure efficient candidate screening with OneTime HR’s comprehensive recruitment tools. Experience a seamless workflow that leads to successful hires.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay connected on the go with mobile accessibility. Access the platform from anywhere, promoting flexibility and ensuring you’re always in control.

TimeSheet Management

Reduce manual entries and make time-sheet management manageable for both employers and employees. OneTime HR streamlines scheduling.

Payroll Management

Experience swift payroll processing, one-click payslip disbursement, and 100% statutory compliance. Simplify your payroll operations and ensure compliance.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster collaboration among your team members with tools that encourage seamless communication and joint decision-making.

The HR Tools You’ll Ever Need

Experience simplicity with a User-Friendly Platform

Instant insights, intuitive dashboards, custom reports, automated workflows—elevate decision-making with streamlined tools for success.

Onboarding Process

Simplify and enhance your onboarding process with OneTime HR. From pre-boarding excellence to building a solid foundation for new hires, ensure a smooth transition into your company.

Immigration Checks

Seamlessly track immigration status, automate compliance checks, and efficiently monitor day-to-day activities. OneTime HR empowers you with comprehensive immigration management for a compliant and secure workforce.

Custom Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with your existing software systems. OneTime HR offers custom integrations, allowing you to connect effortlessly and enhance overall system efficiency.

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